Prepass Safety Alliance

PrePass Safety Alliance is a non-profit public-private partnership of state agencies and trucking industry leaders devoted to safe, secure, and efficient use of North America’s highway system. Through widespread deployment of PrePass® advanced technologies, the Alliance works with government agencies to increase regulatory compliance in commercial vehicle operations and reduce congestion and emissions on our roadways. PrePass technologies help motor carriers save time, fuel, and money. To date, the Alliance has invested over $800 million nationwide on services that improve safety, reduce truck-related emissions, and preserve highway infrastructure.


PrePass Safety Alliance provides PrePass®, the leading truck safety bypass and data platform in North America. PrePass allows states to preclear qualified commercial motor carriers to bypass inspection facilities at highway speeds, and is the only provider to offer the benefits of both a bypass mobile app (PrePass MOTION™) and an RFID transponder. PrePass also provides driver safety ALERTS™, electronic toll payment services, and INFORM™ Safety and Tolling software. Over 600,000 commercial vehicles from more than 77,000 fleets utilize PrePass services to save time, fuel, and money.

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